Puc certificate and HSRP no. Plate Last date extended

By | September 13, 2019

Puc certificate and HSRP no. Plate Last date extended

Following are some of the basic traffic rules for two-wheeler riders in India.

  Helmets should always be worn while riding
  Indicators should be used by all riders
  Pillion riders cannot be more than one
  The player should focus on the road all the time
  Use of rearview mirror is compulsory
  When pulling, do it carefully
  Indian roads are among the most notorious in the world as they claim more than 1.5 million people every year and most of them are due to lack of traffic senses.  The central government had earlier failed to take necessary steps, though it has now decided to take stringent action against traffic offenses.  This, they are doing, by making the law and its punishment more stringent.
  To take care of this, the government introduced the Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016, which was recently approved by the Cabinet in the implementation of the law.  This road safety bill outlines punishments and penalties for all types of traffic violations.  The bill is based on recommendations made by the Transport Ministers of 18 Indian states.
  The following is a tabular column listing the violations, the current penalty amount, and the previous penalty amount for a two-wheeler: Traffic rule book for two-wheeler riders:
  Here is a rulebook that is used all over the country:
  Wear a helmet at all times:
  Regardless of where you are riding: whether it’s on the highway, the city, or the closest distance to where you live, always make sure to wear a helmet.  This will not only save you from getting fines, but will also prevent your head from any major injuries.  If you are riding with a pillion, make sure they also wear helmets.


  Use your indicators:
  Of late indicators have become part of the innovation on vehicles because people refuse to use them when taking any turns.  To be on the safe side, always use indicators and make sure to head down the street where your turn is.
  Do not take more than a million:
  In most Indian cities and towns, it is common for people to take more than a pillion on their two-wheelers.  What the riders have no idea is that by doing so they risk their lives and their billions.  This is why you should always stick to a billion dollar ride.
  Keep your eyes on the road:
  Other vehicles on the road usually use a signal to indicate that they are taking turns.  So, keep an eye out and read the signal properly so that no accident occurs.
  Careful pullover:
  If you want to take a mid-ride to get a call call or something else, always use the indicator to move left to the interior while stopping

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