OFFICIAL LETTER About New Vehicle Insurance

By | January 31, 2019

OFFICIAL LETTER About New Vehicle Insurance

On the purchase of a new vehicle
The vehicle owner can take insurance from his chosen insurance company:
-Driving transaction commissioner

The insurer will take action against the insurer from a particular company

    According to the motor vehicle act, when the vehicle purchases a new vehicle, the vehicle owner can get insurance from a valid insurance company of his own choice. As a vehicle owner, the customer is free to take out insurance from any recognized company. Vehicle dealer will not be able to insure a certain company from the vehicle owner, as it has been mentioned in the Vehicle Sales Commissioner, Gandhinagar.



It is illegal to insure the vehicle buyer to insure or renew the vehicle from a certain insurance company and if there is any complaint from the customer, the necessary legal action will be taken, to which the vehicle dealers have been urged by the Transportation Commissioner. .

It is worth mentioning that when a person purchases a new vehicle or purchases a new vehicle, it is compulsory to insure under motor vehicle law.

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