Khadi masks can now be bought at home, Khadi India has started selling masks online

By | July 9, 2020

Khadi masks can now be bought at home, Khadi India has started selling masks online

  • Masks range in price from Rs 30 to Rs 100
  • The company has supplied 6 lakh masks
  • The customer has to place an order of at least Rs.500

Face masks have become an important part of our lives because of the Corona epidemic. Many companies have started production due to the need for masks. Now the Khadi and Village Industries Commission has started selling masks online in view of the growing demand.

Khadi India president Vinay Kumar Saxena said on Wednesday that the sale of khadi masks has started online. Fake khadi masks are currently being sold in the market, instead customers can now order and use the original khadi masks.

Supplied 6 lakh masks online ::

Vinay Kumar further said that the purpose of online sale of masks is to avoid any kind of fraud. Many online portals are selling other masks in the name of khadi. They are not khadi or handmade. Khadi masks are made of double layer cotton cloth. The mask is of three shapes. The silk mask has three layers, one layer of cotton khadi and one layer of khadi silk. So far I have received orders for 8 lakh khadi mask supplies. We have supplied 6 lakh masks out of them.

Order of at least Rs. 500 is mandatory::

Khadi India is selling both cotton and silk masks, with cotton masks priced at Rs 30 and silk masks at Rs 100. For online purchase of masks

An order of at least Rs.500 has to be placed. Currently online sales are only available in India. Khadi masks can be ordered 

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