India Corona update date 16-4-2020

By | April 16, 2020

India Corona update date 16-4-2020

As of April 1, there were 2 595 patients in the country. On April 15 the number was 12 thousand 371.
There were 335 infected persons in Maharashtra on April 1, now close to 2 thousand
6.5 lakh testing kits from China will arrive today, including Rapid and antibody kits
Rajasthan confirms 25 new patients infected with corona virus
Bengal governor says paramilitary deployment should be done in the state to enforce lockdown
New Delhi. The number of coronary infections has reached 12799 in the country. On Thursday, 165 patients were found in Maharashtra, 105 in Gujarat, 42 in Madhya Pradesh, 34 in Karnataka, 25 in Rajasthan, 18 in Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. The figures are from and state government data. According to the Union Health Ministry, 12 thousand 380 infections have been infected in the country as of 8am on Thursday morning. Out of which 10477 are undergoing treatment. 1488 people have recovered and 426 have died.

Ministry of Health Press Conference

  •  In the last 24 hours, 37 people have been killed by the Corona virus
  •  There are two types of Rapid Kit in the country: ICMR
  • It is not yet known how strong the ant body is
  • So far more than 2 lakh 90 thousand tests have been done: ICMR
  • Where there is no hot spot, there will be a slight discount from April 20
  • More than 78 thousand tests are possible if working in two shifts.
  • We have enough test kits for 8 weeks.
  • Hotspots will also have antibody tests for people with cold coughs
  • Rapid tests are not for everyone, do not hesitate to do this test to ordinary people
  • Important updates

Confirmation of 11 new corona infections has been confirmed in Dharavi in ​​Mumbai and three in Rajasthan
 152 new corona infections were confirmed in Indore in the last 12 hours
 Three block seal of Model Town Police Colony after confirmation of corona infected patients
The number of hotspots in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh has increased to 15
10 new patients infected with corona virus, including two trainee doctors in Paldhar, Maharashtra
Rajasthan confirms 25 new patients infected with corona virus
Workers from 14 departments in Karnataka ordered to return to work amid lockdown
Emergency landing of a helicopter carrying corona probe samples
 Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat had to make an emergency landing of an Air Force Chita helicopter on the Eastern Peripheral Expressway on Thursday. He was on his way to Chandigarh taking sample of Corona inquiry from Leh. According to the information available, the helicopter had a technical fault. Engineers had arrived from Hindon soon after receiving the instruction. About half an hour later the helicopter departed for Hinden.

There has been good news amid growing outbreak of Corona virus in the country. A special aircraft carrying six and a half million test kits from Guangzhou, China, has left for Delhi. There are five and a half million rapid antibody test kits. Investigation with Rapid Kit will only reveal the risk of infecting the patient within 15 minutes. The test is done with a drop of blood. The saliva sample is taken from the throat or nose in the country currently being investigated. Which takes at least 5 hours to report.

Rapid test returns fast results
The Rapid Test has one drawback. If there is any corona virus in the body, but the antibody does not affect it then the rapid test comes out negative. That is, the virus is present but will not be known. It may also show the symptoms of the infection later on in that person and then they can infect others as well. On the contrary, the results are accurate in RT-PCR tests.

6 metro city hot spots announced in the country including Delhi-Mumbai

 A total of 170 districts in the country affected by Corona have been declared hotspots (red zones), including six metro cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh are second with 11 districts. All nine district hotspots of Delhi have been included in the cities. Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat 5-5 districts are also included in the hotspot category.

So far 426 people have died

The death toll from the corona virus has dropped to 426 in the country. A 66-year-old patient has died in Bengaluru, Karnataka, on Thursday. According to the state health department, the patient had been on a ventilator since April 10. This is the 13th death toll due to corona transmission in the state. At the same time, three people have died due to transit in Gujarat. The other side has killed more than 90 people in three days. Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths of 187 people.

Found 104 corona infected today

The country has reported 104 Corona positive reports on Thursday. Out of these, 42 patients were found in Madhya Pradesh, 25 in Rajasthan, 19 in Uttar Pradesh and 18 in West Bengal. 882 reports came in positive on Wednesday. Out of which 232 were confirmed in Maharashtra, 116 in Gujarat, 197 in Madhya Pradesh, 75 in Uttar Pradesh and 71 in Rajasthan. The figures are from and information from the state government. According to the Union Ministry of Health, there are 12 thousand 380 infections in the country as of 8am on Thursday morning. Out of which 10477 are undergoing treatment. 1488 people have recovered and 414 have died.

6.5 lakh testing kit will arrive from China today
Chinese Ambassador to China, Vikram Mistry, said on Thursday that a special aircraft has departed for India after taking six and a half million testing kits from Guangzhou this morning. The same

Transition spread to 27 states and 7 union territories

Corona virus has spread to 26 states in the country so far. At the same time, the transition has been reached in seven Union Territories of the country. These include Delhi, Chandigarh, Andaman-Nicobar, Dadar Nagar Haveli, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and Puducherry.

Status of states in the country
 Madhya Pradesh, Infected 980: On the second day of Lockdown Phase-2, the number of corona infections in Madhya Pradesh has increased by more than 1,000. As many as 114 new cases have come up on Thursday morning. These are all from Indore. With this, 980 people have been infected in the state.

Maharashtra, Infected-3018: 165 Corona report arrives positive in the state on Thursday. Of which 107 patients have been exposed in Mumbai alone. Mumbai has a total of 1863 positive. It accounts for 62% of the total infected state. Pune has the highest number of 351 patients after Mumbai.

Rajasthan, Infected -1101: 25 reports have been positive here on Thursday. Of these, 11 have been found in Tonk, 10 in Jodhpur, 2 in Jhunjhunu, and 1-1 in Bikaner and Ajmer. The Corona report came out positive for 71 patients on Wednesday.
Uttar Pradesh, Infected -735: 19 infected were found here in Agra on Thursday. With this, the total number of infections in the district has increased to 167. 45 Corona reports came to the state on Wednesday.

Bihar, Infected-72: Screening has been started at home to identify coronary patients in 4 districts here. In addition, an FRI has been conducted against 9 Bangladeshi nationals who have been on India on a tourist visa in Samastipur. These people came here to give a religious sermon for the Talagh Jamaat.

Gujarat: Infected 871: 105 cases of infection have been reported here on Thursday, out of which 42 patients were found in Ahmedabad and 35 in Surat. The state has 116 new cases on Wednesday. Ahmedabad has the highest number of infected 492. Then 127 patients are in Vadodara.

Delhi, Infected-1578: Health Minister Satyendra Jain said on Thursday that a pizza hoe has been infected here. His 17 colleagues have been quarantined. Around 72 homes have been advised to be a home quarantine.

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