How To Help Any Person In Accident Case If Mobile Pattern Lock or Password Lock

By | November 21, 2019

How To Help Any Person In Accident Case If Mobile Pattern Lock or Password Lock

The phone patterns of both the brothers who died in Ahmedabad’s BRTS Adafate did not open soon.
Emergency number can be saved by pressing or swiping the lock icon of lock mobile.
Even though the system is different per smartphone, the emergency button must be in every pattern-number lock phone

Two brothers lost their lives in another gojra accident with a BRTS bus near Panjarpol Fourth Road in Ahmedabad on Thursday morning. Two brothers Nayan Ram and Jayesh Ram, who were riding on a bike from Gujarat University Side, died at the site of the BRTS Adafte incident. The locals gathered immediately after the accident and tried to contact any of their relatives from the two brothers’ mobile phones. But since both brother’s phone pattern is locked, which pattern to open the lock with has become a question of confusion. At present, mobile phones are locked with modern methods like pattern, number, face read, i-retina read, etc. which makes it even more difficult in such a difficult situation.

Some Mail IDs require a compulsory lock on attaching to mobile

The convenience of using a smart phone is just as complicated. It is compulsory to lock a mobile with a pattern or number, as soon as a person attaches a specific mail id with his smart mobile phone. This way locking a mobile makes it almost impossible for the phone owner or the user to open the lock. Now in these circumstances it becomes a tricky question for a mobile owner to discover how to open a lock inside his phone if he has an accident.

In the Emergency Button hardly save any family number

If a smartphone is locked in a pattern or number or any other system on every smartphone, a contact number can be saved for emergency situations even if the phone is locked. For this, when the phone is locked, the emergency button can be saved by push or swipe (each phone has different system) and save four to five numbers. In doing so, the stranger in an emergency situation also locks the phone in case the emergency button is pushed or swiped, the saved name and number will be displayed and the person can be contacted by clicking on it.

Save the number as a relation instead of a name or pathname

Most people save spouse or parents or siblings with their names or surnames like ‘My Love’, ‘Janu’, ‘My dear’ on their mobile phones. In an emergency, even if a stranger unlocks the victim’s cellphone, the number of such relatives or relatives cannot be obtained from the inside. In these circumstances, a relative’s name should be saved on mobile instead of his name or surname, such as ‘Mother’, ‘Wife’, ‘Father’, ‘Brother’, etc. In case of emergency, any stranger can call him for help. Is.


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Put the emergency number in the purse or wallet on paper

At one point, it is difficult for the helper to contact his / her self in case the cell does not open for any reason and save the number even in case of emergency. In these circumstances, if the numbers in the purse or wallet are written in the form of an emergency number in the purse, the number of parents or family-friends can be approached.

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