Gujarat Corona Update date 9-4-2020 6:00 p.m.

By | April 9, 2020

Gujarat Corona Update date 9-4-2020  6:00 p.m.

  • 1975 tested in 24 hours, 76 positive and 1541 negative and 358 report pending.
  • So far 17 have died and 26 have recovered
  • The actual number of cases of intensive testing of cord coatings is now coming out
  • Still suspected of registering a number of positive cases, increasing cases of testing are increasing: Jayanti Ravi
  • Now children are also suffering from coronas

Gandhinagar. Corona crisis is on the rise in the state. In the last 24 hours, 76 new positive cases have been registered in the state. With this, a total of 262 coronary patients have died in the state. From yesterday to this morning, 55 new positive cases came up. But in the afternoon, a further 21 positive cases have been reported. Of these, seven are in Patan, 8 in Ahmedabad, 4 in Vadodara and two in Rajkot. With a further 8 cases registered in Ahmedabad, a total of 141 coronary patients have now become available in the city.

The cases will see an increase in the next two to four days

In this regard, Health Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that intensive surveillance was being done in hotspot areas. One-to-one testing is being done to infect the infection within the hotspot area and not to spread the infection from one area to another. Due to which the cases are increasing. And there will be an increase in cases in the next two to four days.

 Health checkup of 90 thousand police personnel was done

As part of precaution and security, the health checkup of 90 thousand police personnel has been done and no one has corona till now. An liquor trafficking case was caught yesterday in an ambulance. You must adhere to the Social Distance Guidelines, including the required service providers. Some people go out of their way to buy. Where lockdowns are not implemented, patrols will be increased. Due to the continuous increase in corona positive cases in Ahmedabad, intensive investigations have been carried out by the health team and adequate police arrangements have been given to this health team, state police chief Shivananda Jha said.

The private doctor is also ready to serve in such situations

If the situation worsens due to corona in the state, more than 1,000 private doctors will be needed. A private doctor was also prepared to serve in such a situation, the chief minister said in a high-level meeting with the chief minister, Ashwini Kumar said.
55 positive cases in a single day in the state

Giving details of Corona’s update, Health Principal Secretary Jayanti Ravi said that since last evening, 55 new cases have been registered in the state so far. With this, there have been 241 positive cases in the state so far and 17 dead have been reached. Of these, 50 cases have been registered in Ahmedabad, two in Surat and one each in Dahod, Anand and Chhotaudepur. Today one person has died. The cases have increased in Gujarat due to the delay. Cases are increasing as clustering and hotspot areas are tested. As the hotspot is densely populated, there has been an increase in transit and positive cases may increase in these areas in the coming days.

Update Gujarat date 9-4-2020

>> From now on, Medistar Hospital of Himatnagar will provide Covid-19 Corona treatment
>> Father and son arrested on LCB police jawan executing lockdown in Modasa
>> Exciting production of PPE kit in Ahmedabad, 3500 PPE kits are manufactured on 100 artisans
>> Couple leaving the family in 108 duty to defeat Corona, handing over 8-month-old son to grandparents
>> 65 out of 68 samples in Rajkot report negative, 3 report pending
>> Bhavnagar reports new 119 sample negative

>> Testing of every person will be done in Kot area of ​​Ahmedabad: Vijay Canal
>> Vadodara: After Nagarawada, cluster quarantine of Tandalja area, mass sampling will take place

A total of 262 positive cases, 17 deaths in Gujarat

This is the first case in Gujarat that the report is positive even though it is not a feature
A 68-year-old male living in the Sultania Gymkhana area in Surat has come to the Corona Report late at night. They have been exposed to corona-positive infections. The 68-year-old had no symptoms of coronas. But a community test was done following the death of Corona-positive Ehsan Pathan. In which the elderly have received Corona positive. This is the first case in Gujarat that the report is positive even though it is not a feature. While reports of a coroner’s elderly two-year-old granddaughter in Bodeli in Chhotaudepur district have also come Corona positive. Meanwhile, reports of a 9-year-old girl from Indore with her family in Dahod have come to Corona Positive.

Due to the corona, some areas in the state were cluster quarantined

127 people have been identified in Nizamuddin’s phase-II class. Those returning from MERCZ should contact the Health Department. In Ahmedabad, there may be people from other centers. An investigation is being conducted in that direction. During the investigation of Nizamuddin, the Survalli group has come up against. Further investigation is being done on this. Police in the state are committed to abiding by the lockdown. The lockdown is getting some support, but there are still many people who don’t follow the rules. Some areas in Ahmedabad have been sealed. Forced thermal screening has been done in some areas, due to corona, some areas in the state have been cluster quarantined, where police have been organized. Society designers have also been appealed for co-operation of the system. There are hundreds of people coming to the shops


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