Gujarat Corona update 14-4-2020

By | April 14, 2020

Gujarat Corona update 14-4-2020

  • Meeting with 3 MLAs of CM Roopi Congress, Dy.CM and Home Minister join Ahmedabad’s position
  • Ahmedabad has the highest number of 351 positive cases so far in the state
  • In Ahmedabad, out of 31 cases, 13 male and 18 female patients
  • Transnational workers likely to break lockdown after prolonging lockdown
  • Cybercrime activists against nasty and provocative text in social media

Ahmedabad. Curfew has been imposed on Kot area of ​​the city and Danilimda area till April 21. Chief Minister Vijay Rupani announced a curfew imposed in the city along with the Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister. The curfew will take effect from 6am tomorrow. Women are exempted from this for 3 hours. Curfew will be exempted from 1pm to 4pm.

In the afternoon CM Rupani had a meeting with the Congress’s 3 MLAs
Cloth containment of Kot area of ​​Ahmedabad has been made following Corona. Then Chief Minister Vijay Rupani held a meeting with the Congress MLAs of 3 areas of Ahmedabad. At the meeting, the current situation was discussed. In which, Danilimada MLA Shailesh Parmar, Daripur MLA Gyasuddin Sheikh and Jamalpur MLA Imran Khedwala discussed the situation arising out of the Corona case. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel and Home Minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja joined the discussion.

31 new cases were registered in Ahmedabad

With 31 new cases of Corona positive, the number of positive cases in Ahmedabad has reached 351. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided not to give any concession in the hotspot areas, so no hotspot areas in Ahmedabad will be allowed. The nationwide lockdown has been extended until May 3 following Corona.

The possibility that the latter’s labor would break the lockdown
Lockdown Increased Shelter Home Workers may break the lockdown by insisting on moving to their hometown. Adequate police arrangements have been made at checkposts in such shelter home industrial area, keeping the law and order intact. Patrolling orders have been issued in the area where traditional laborers live.

A look at cybercrime against provocative text in social media
Cybercrime is keeping an eye on social media as people are writing nasty and provocative text during the lockdown. The Ahmedabad Cybercrime Branch has registered separate offenses against two men who wrote nasty texts on the Corona virus on Facebook. A young man named Bilal Khan Pathan has registered a crime against a nasty writer on his Facebook profile. When a young man named Junaid Fasari Khan wrote a nasty text against a private channel journalist. As well as biscuits and tobacco, in front of the Pan Bd, in addition to putting liquor bottles, he also wrote nasty writing. So the Cybercrime Branch has launched a criminal investigation.

Report of an 80-year-old boy taking a one-year-old baby today
Corona virus hotspots hit 31 new cases in Ahmedabad city today Of all the cases, 25 cases came from the hotspot area, while the other 6 cases were against the same family in the new area. The new cases reported today range from one-year-old girl living in Safi Manzil in Danilimada to 80-year-old Buddhist in Manekchok. In the cases registered today, there have been 11 cases against hotspots and quarantined cases in Danilimda, 7 in Nawrangpura area, 5 in Manekchok, 3-3 in Daripur and Vatawa, 1-1 in Ambalai and Behrampura.

In today’s 31 cases more women than men
Out of 31 cases, six members, including an 8-year-old girl, were found to be positive in a single family living in the Co-operative Nilakantha Society located in Nawrangpura area. While in Safi Manzil, Danilimoda, there have been 9 cases registered from Rabia apartment. The Safi Manzil area of ​​Danilimada is currently under Quarantine. In Navrangpura, a single family case has been launched on the basis of war against the system. This family has undertaken contract tracing. Of the 31 cases that have come up today, the number of women is higher than men. 18 out of 31 women and 31 men. One of the 7-year-old girls also suffered from coronas.


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