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Retrieve Aadhar : AADHAAR કાર્ડ અને Aadhaar નંબર બંને ખોવાઈ જાય તો શું કરશો? ફરીથી આધાર કાર્ડ કેમ કઢાવવુ ?

Retrieve Aadhar: UIDAI launches new support app ‘mAadhaar’, supporting 13 languages With the goal of reaching out to large numbers of smartphone users, the new mAadhaar is released by the Unique Identification Authority of India. The App features an array of Aadhaar services and a personalized section for the Aadhaar holder who can carry their Aadhaar information in… Read More »

UIDAI; The Unique Identification Authority of India

Read all info About UIDAI The Unique Identification Authority of India  (UIDAI) is a statutory authority established by the Department of Electronics on 12 July 2016 under the Aadhaar (Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Targeted Delivery of Services) Act, 2016 (“Aadhaar Act 2016”). Conducted under the Ministry of Information Technology (MEITY). Prior to its establishment as a… Read More »

How To update Mobile no In Adhar card

How To update Mobile no In Adhar card Your mobile number needs to be linked to Aadhaar card. So, if you have changed your mobile number and have not updated it in support, complete it as soon as possible. You can apply for this update at home. You will have to pay a fee of Rs 25 for… Read More »