Binsachivalay Clerk 2016 and 2014 Question paper Analysis

By | September 8, 2019

Binsachivalay Clerk 2016 and 2014 Question paper Analysis

The first level of cloud protection is provided by security groups. This is the most fundamental aspect of centralized public cloud security management. The security group manages the rules that allow traffic. Contrary to traditional firewalls, who control traffic based on the rules of permission and denial, security groups only accept the rules and should not rule out the rules. There are no rules to restrict movement; The absence of permit rule works as a rebate.

Cloud security groups are really reminiscent of the firewalls we had in the 90s. In those days, host-based firewalls were located on the server itself, and if you cracked the server, you also got access to the firewall’s security settings. Similarly, the first level of cloud security is directly related to the server (for example, in the context of cloud architecture). In the case of older firewalls, after entering an instance, the management of the associated security group (s) becomes available, posing a significant risk that could endanger the security status of the cloud. In this way, enterprises use more stringent cloud-based network security management tools.

Question Paper Analysis Subject wise As under ::::

Binsachivalay Clerk 2016 paper analysis :::: 

  • Jaher Vahivat ane bharat nu sanvidhan :::: 44 marks
  • Gujarati Vyakaran :::: 25 marks
  • English Vyakaran ::: 26  marks
  • Computer ::: 26 marks
  • Maths ::: 6 marks
  • Samany Vigyan:: 20 marks
  • Current Affairs ::: 27 marks
  • Gujarat itihas sanskruti ::: 16 marks
  • Gujarat Bhugol ::: 10 marks

REad Also:::: 

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Total 200 marks

Binsachivalay Clerk 2014 paper analysis :::: 

  • Jaher Vahivat ane bharat nu sanvidhan :::: 42 marks
  • Gujarati Vyakaran :::: 20 marks
  • English Vyakaran ::: 25  marks
  • Computer ::: 263marks
  • Maths ::: 10 marks
  • Samany Vigyan:: 18 marks
  • Current Affairs ::: 36 marks
  • Gujarat itihas sanskruti ::: 14 marks
  • Gujarat Bhugol ::: 12 marks


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